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Model Stand
 "Ella II

Description:Six structural, hollow steel cubes are permanently welded together to form the 'bundled-tube' framework measuring, overall, 60"W x 40"D x 16"H; with 3/4" High Pressure Laminate single piece platform surface; 15 or 16 square feet of elevated floor space, held aloft over the airy, hollow, square steel framework. Ella II is easily nudged and scooted over the floor, without being lifted because it is isolated from the floor by a fixed array of sixteen 1/2" thick, extremely low friction, poly-glides; this stand also includes a set of four commercial duty, neoprene wheel, ball-bearing swivel casters, recessed and permanently mounted on one of the narrow faces such that when tipped upwards to a vertical position, it can be easily rolled from room-to-room, passed through doorways, etc.; also comes with protective bumpers on all four corners. This package includes a detachable Tee-shaped Handrail 37" HT with a hardened steel pin that slips into a matching MagnumSocket. Product shipped fully assembled, ready to use.

  Order Designation: 
Model Stand "Ella II" MS60 x40x16,
Platform Static Load Limit: 4000 lbs (framework and deck)
Approx. Ship Wt (palleted): 250 lbs.
Model Stand Wt: 180 lbs.
Itemized Regular Component Prices:
$799—Six-cube Welded Frame, includes details of Corner Bumpers, Floor Skids and 2" Side Casters
$449— 60"x40"x3/4" One Piece HPL Top
$1453 Total Regular Price
  $1259 Sale Price: , f.o.b. Compton, IL plus shipping charges via motor freight (truck only)  Save $194 off regular price!
“Landing Gear”
Caster...An Option 
Of Convenience         

Reg. Price: $279

Sale Price: $259


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For the ultimate in freedom of movement, consider specifying our retractable ‘landing gear’ caster option with your order. Four heavy duty casters, one in each downside corner of the 60 x 40" footprint, screw down to elevate the framework just above the floor—thus allowing easy rotational movement with a model on the platform. The net effect is a kind of 'lazy susan' motion of the Model Stand which allows students in different areas of the classroom to see the same pose from alternate views.



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