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RoseIII Sale 2021
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*Rock & Roll: welded steel tubing, lightweight 'bundled-cube' structure plus three-quarter inch laminated deck make a rock-solid platform for all studio purposes; side mounted swivel casters allow unit to be tipped into a vertical position to roll through doorways or other narrow spaces; four retractable 'Landing Gear' casters (an option) promote a gliding and/or lazy-susan motion of the unit.
Common Features: The differences between the Ella II and the Rose III are scale and weight only.  Both models share the following features of construction:
     Welded steel tubing framework
     ▪ Laminated deck (Formica®) over 3/4" MDF substrate
     ▪ Magnum Sockets for Safety Rails ('H' or 'T' shaped)
     ▪ Side Casters, Protective Corner Bumpers & Floor Skids
     ▪  Accessories (Factory Installed)