Our SmithyShopsm concept is very simple:
You Size 'em...We Make 'em.

In other words, if you don't see the equipment you want, contact us and we'll modify what we make to suit your needs!


Chances are better than average we can modify our product the way you want..

How  It's Done—

1) We employ highly resourceful machinists and metalsmiths;

2) We own the design rights and patents on what we sell. We reserve the right to alter our own products—to please our customers—at any time. 

3) The manufacturing processes at JHC originally were designed to adapt rapidly to a broad range of materials, shapes and sizes; Translation: from the get-go we thought our customers would always have a better feeling for what they wanted than we did.

4) Raw materials are stockpiled, not finished products; we build on order.


Call James Howard Co.(815) 497-2831
Ask for 'the SmithyShop Desk'
contact us
Tell us what you really want!




How to Order Direct - Tel:(815) 497-2831 - Fax (815) 497-4601 - easelmakers@tsf.net